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Award winning benefits with FranScape.Award winning benefits with FranScape.


Built by Franchisors for Franchisors.

FranScape delivers award winning transformation to your Franchise network. Increasing revenues, reducing costs and elevating customer satisfaction.

Winners of the DXA19 Gold AwardWinners of the DXA19 Gold Award
Winners of the iCXA19 Gold AwardWinners of the iCXA19 Gold Award
See insights into Franchisee activity

Franchisee Insight

Designed to give Franchisors full visibility of Franchisee activity. FranScape provides the ability to see every single transaction undertaken by your network anywhere, anytime.

Save money and time every single day.

Cost Savings

Be prepared to save time, lots of time. The advanced automation within FranScape slashes the time it takes to do numerous mundane tasks.

Total Transparency

FranScape users enjoy total transparency meaning both Franchisee and Franchisor are clear about the facts and figures. This makes supporting your network easier than ever.


Support to Transform

Enjoy wide ranging support not just on how to make the best use of FranScape but how to use the tools to transform your business.

Tools the customers love, FranScape delivers on Customer Satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction

True mobile first capabilities makes clients love not just what you do, but how you do it. Enjoy online booking that is measured in seconds, not minutes, alongside a full suite of customer tools.

Improve cashflow with real-time, automated fees using FranScape.Improve cashflow with real-time, automated fees using FranScape.

Improve cashflow

By taking Franchise Fees at source you can enjoy a more regular, consistent and transparent cash flow.

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