Manage Everything From One Place

The Franchise Management tool is the heart of the Franscape system. It contains and let's you manage every booking, payment, venue, instructor, franchisee, royalty and critical customer communication all in one place.


Get Franscape on Your Team

Franscape is like having a member of your team that can lay their hand on any document in a second and never forgets anything. Ever. It doesn't even ask for a day off. With a full-featured set of tools designed specifically for activities businesses, it has everything you need to supercharge the efficiency of your organisation helping you grow faster and more profitably.


Your business performance at a glance

Information is power, the power to direct effort and resources to where it is needed most to deliver business impact you can measure on the bottom line. The dashboard is your hub within Franscape and works for franchisors at an aggregate level and shows franchisees just their territory information. See everything from occupancy rates to territory information to key financial metrics all in one place.

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Know your customers inside out

Our inbuilt customer relationship management tool seamlessly sets up a customer when they first book and records every transaction and interaction you have with them. Record parent information, child information, certificates, transactions, communication records all in one place and access them in seconds.


Record, manage, and measure

Understand in seconds your best and worst performing venues based on occupancy and profitability. Manage key information like venue contracts and rates ensuring you have the information you need to optimise your estate by focusing marketing on venues that have low occupancy, working to boost capacity in your best performing locations and saying goodbye to the ones that aren't making you money.

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Manage your biggest asset

Where would we be without our team? Franscape helps you to help them by ensuring that things like DBS checks and safeguarding certificates never go out of date, rates of pay are recorded and courses and classes are allocated accurately. We even have an instructor-facing web app that lets them see who is in every class they teach, measure attendance and give feedback.


Build the partnership

Franscape allows you not just to record franchisee information but also supports you in managing your commercial relationship with them. We record detailed territory information to ensure disputes are simple to solve, we collect royalties of all types at source and pay them to you instantly, we record the financial performance of individual territories allowing you to give support when it is needed and to easily understand who your best performers are.

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Set up & measure every class

The course and class tool link directly with our finder so you can easily set up and clone courses and classes with all of the information your customers require to make a booking. You can also allocate classes to venues and set pricing to dynamically measure profitability based on fill rates in real-time ensuring you have all the information you need to grow.


Customer contact simplified

Critical communications to customers such as confirmations, cancellations, payment reminders and much more can be automated directly from the system. Say there is a water leak at a venue, Franscape knows who is scheduled to attend and with a couple of clicks you can SMS message every attendee in moments.

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Manage every penny

Franscape is linked directly with Stripe so helps you collect, manage and report on every penny that enters your business. You can set-up monthly payment plans, take individual transactions over the phone, deliver refunds in a couple of clicks and report on all revenue that enters the business by customer, venue or franchisee.


No nasty surprises

We don't just report on revenue and profitability, we also help you head off operational issues before they occur. For instance, our 'Instructor Expired Documents' report will tell you network-wide who has expiring certifications of checks in the next month allowing you to proactively manage the situation keeping your classes running and your customers safe.

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The starting point of every new customer booking is the Finder. It's simple to integrate into your website and delivers powerful features that enable a booking to be made in less than 60 seconds.


One tool for your entire franchise